Lambstar provides Optimal solutions for 24/7 environments, creating operations centers furnished by CGM products. Our control provides less stressed and much safer, healthier operators.

Designed for the long run and built to last

To optimize human performance in 24/7 control environments, CGM offers three different series of operator-desks that position and prime the controller like never before. With motorized sit/stand desk-height and screen adjustment options and many other distinctions, a CGM desk can be the ultimate in form and function. Designed to keep operators alert during monotony and calm in emergencies, our desks and auxiliary products are bio-mechanically optimized, aesthetically pleasing and built to last.

Confortio series
CGM Class III UNIVERSAL™ operator desk system

     Quality operator-desk system for most applications

     Different shapes, sizes and configurations
     Optional motorized sit/stand height-adjustment
  CGM Class II SUPERIOR™ 24/7 operator desk system
Specialized operator desk system with high functionality
Industrial mainstay for tough 24/7 environments
   Different mounting options for up to 5+5 flatscreens
     Safe, smart and discreet cable porting; easy to service
     Stand-alone desk system; optionally free of sideboard



 Cergo series

     Different shapes, sizes and configurations
     Integrated sideboard expandability options
     Optional motorized 65-130 cm sit/stand height-adjustment
     Optional motorized screen tilt and depth controls
     Options for up to 8+8 screens in linear or curved row
     Safe, smart and discreet cable porting; easy to service
     Long-term upgradeability to match new developments





Alerto Series
CGM Class I SUPER-PREMIUM™ 24/7 operator desk system
      Multi-functional operator desk system for fully integrated
   24/7 environments
     The controller’s dream: designed to meet the highest human-factor demands
     Robust, intelligently designed 65-130 cm sit/stand motorized height adjustment
     Includes the latest ergonometric screen handling
solutions for Close Large Overviews and/or Common
     Large Videowalls
     Motorized control of screen height, tilt and depth
     Local airflow and ambience control options
     Retractable leather armrests for enhanced support
     Different shapes, sizes and configurations
     Safe, smart and discreet cable porting
     Logical and easy to service
     Long-term upgradeable to new needs and technologies



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