General Infrastructural Developments/Construction and Renovation Works
Lambstar Limited and its Spanish Construction partners, Beltoan Construction Limited have a pool of very experienced workforce and comprehensive equipment holding, making it possible for the Company to easily undertake and render first class construction and engineering services in the following areas, using the most modem and state –of-the-art techniques.

(a) Construction of Residential, Commercial Industrial Buildings/Estates, including the necessary Service infrastructure as required, Roads, Drains, Parking, etc.
(b) General Renovation, Maintenance and Facilities Management of Residential/ Commercial/Industrial Buildings/Estates.
(c) Roads, Bridges and General Infrastructure
(d) Flood Protection and Control, Land Reclamation and Landscaping Schemes.
(e) Water Supply Schemes including Boreholes, Pump and Power installations, Overhead Tanks and general reticulation.

Our efficiency was instrumental to the award of contract for the construction of 11KV power line and supply/installation of 500KVA, 11/415V, 30 phase, 50HZ Transformer for intelligence and communication facility including associated civil works at Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA).

Delivery Methods
.    General Contracting
.    Construction Management
.    Design-Build
.    Public-Private Partnerships
.    Engineer-Procure-Construct


This method appeals to clients who have the resources and construction experience necessary to independently contract with the architect or engineer and general contractor. While it requires a longer schedule, you maintain greater project control, and may benefit from the reduced risk that is inherent in other project delivery methods.
As the general contractor, Lambstar provides a confirmed price–after design is complete and before construction begins. Lambstar implements the project and in general assumes the risk of cost depredations based on clearly defined budget and scope considerations.


Under a Construction Management contract, the client secures the services of a construction manager to work with the design team and, depending on the client’s needs, with professional contractors and suppliers.
This early collaboration promotes actual project coordination and communication from the start, creating an environment for success. Lambstar is a flexible construction company that will operate under various contract types and fee structures (e.g., cost plus, guaranteed maximum price, percentage fee, and fixed fee) to meet the client’s needs.

As construction manager, Lambstar applies its knowledge of construction costs, schedule, and market trends to help ensure the project is executed within your financial guidelines. Lambstar’s goal is to assess engineer projects to find substitute construction methods and materials that will result in quality developments, serviceability, and life cycle perfections.
Lambstar offers advice on all or part of the project cost, reducing the risk associated with having an incomplete scope of work during preconstruction. The final cost, however, remains with you, as all project costs are typically reimbursable.   
Lambstar is a construction contractor ideally positioned to offer national programs to clients with multisite operations.


Clients are allowed to select a design-build arrangement when they want to work with one contract entity, instead of several contractors and consultants. As the design-builder, Lambstar provides comprehensive design and construction services through one point of contact.
By bringing all project team members together in the design phase, the construction design-build approach helps foster a more successful partnership.

Drawing on the team’s combined capability, Lambstar addresses project design and building construction requirements, within the budget and schedule considerations, resulting in less potential for project escalation. Also, Lambstar can implement a fast track method, starting construction before the total design is complete. This is important if you require the delivery of a cost-effective, quality facility on a reduced schedule.


Public-private partnerships are achieving widespread acceptance as a method to deliver large capital construction projects. 
This ground-breaking project delivery method transfers risk to those parties that best understand and manage risk: consultants, financiers, developers, operators, construction contractors, suppliers, service providers, and concessionaires. The resulting consortium acts as cohesive team to achieve the client’s goals and objectives for the project.
P3 projects are implemented through various contract arrangements, including
•    Build-Finance (BF)
•    Design-Build-Finance (DBF)
•    Design-Build-Finance-Maintain (DBFM)
•    Design-Build-Finance-Maintain-Operate (DBFMO)

One of the main benefits of a P3 is the transfer of risk (e.g., financing rates, design, construction, operating, maintenance, and rehabilitation costs, and timing) from taxpayers to the private sector. By doing so, projects can be brought on line with a high level of certainty for cost, schedule, quality, availability, and service. Lambstar is a construction company with the ability to successfully manage P3 projects.


Clients with large, multifarious industrial projects choose the Engineer-Procure-Construct (EPC) method when they require a single entity to deliver a project to turnkey status.
Lambstar is a construction company that performs, manages, and coordinates all project engineering, procurement, module fabrication, and construction services in conjunction with an engineering firm.
Lambstar builds a collaborative working relationship through all disciplines to realize a shared commitment to project goals.

You select a single construction contractor for the engineering, procurement, and construction of a facility. This is the perfect arrangement if you who prefer a “one-stop” engineering, procurement and construction contract. Lambstar is able to provide you with EPC services through relationships with specialized engineering companies.   




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